The Bug Sandwich


Assignment 1

I was trying to write a simple page to display information about a GitHub user. However, I hit a snag when attempting to make an Ajax request to the GitHub API to request for the data. The situation is decidedly weird because I can see the network request going out and coming back in the Network panel of the developer tools, and yet, the data variable does not come back populated - instead it is undefined. Luckily, I have access to another program I've written previously, which still works. Help me get to the bottom of this by using the Bug Sandwich technique.

Assignment 2

In your work or studies, whenever you encounter a situation where something is broken but you know of a situation where it has worked before, employ the Bug Sandwich technique. More specifically, if

  1. You have another app that works correctly.
  2. You are following a code tutorial that has runnable code.
  3. You have a broken feature that you know used to work before.
  4. You have something that works in development but not in production or another environment.

Then that is a good candidate for using this technique. Take note of when and how this technique has been helpful. Report your findings.

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