Test Case Simplification


Assignment 1

This page has two sections. Inside each section contains some HTML markup. There is a problem: the content in the top section is spilling over onto the lower section. You have access to the source code of the page on jsbin.com. Use test case simplification on the CSS code to narrow down the cause of the problem.

Assignment 2

When you encounter a bug at work or in your studies, where you

  1. Don't know where to start looking
  2. You have too many hypotheses
  3. The bug is gone the moment you try to investigate it (Heisenbug)
  4. The code is in a declarative language
  5. Or you simply need a simplified test case

Use Test Case Simplification to figure out what the root cause is. Alternatively, when you encounter a bug, even if you have a good hypothesis, try using test case simplification to solve it and note how the experience difference from your usual approach - or you could solve the bug first using your normal approach and the revert your fix and use test case simplification. Take note how, where, and when this technique is useful to your work. Report back your findings.

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